Why do casinos use chips instead of cash?

Why do casinos use chips instead of cash?

As you step into a casino, you can find chips more than the currency. Casinos use chips as their main currency. You will find the clinks sound of chips than the sound of notes, as you will step in a casino. They are in tradition from the earlier times. In โป๊กเกอร์ ออนไลน์, you will these chips as a major part of currency during playing.

Reasons of using chips instead of cash

Here are the reasons why to choose chips on the place of cash in casinos that you may probably understand.


The basic reason the casinos use chips in the place of cash is a mental difference between the gambler and his value for money in the mind. Seeing chips over cash on the table may make you think once again regarding putting your larger amount of money and using cash on the table instead of chips, it can make your playing much easier as there will be no headache to count your currency.

Chips are much easier to play over cash as for that big amount of cash you have to use a single colour chip only. There are different chips for different amounts of money in the casinos. Chips are easier transactions in the variation of currency if you are trying your luck in a different country.


Chips also provide a high level of security to the casinos. Casinos can control their chips easily; they can regulate it according to their own guidance in the casinos. It also provides security against criminal’s intent. Casinos make the use of RFID phenomenon in their chips through which they can make a count on them and can make them find easily anywhere. This process also helps them to find the lost chips and stolen chips if any. RFID refers to radio frequency id which is applied on every chip by the casino. If a casino wants they can immediately cancel any chips series and can bring a new series without affecting the other chips. This all makes them powerful to choose or remove any chips from their casinos according to their wish and demands.


Chips bring a matter of convenience for the casinos and also for the player itself. It will be not easier for players to count thousands of dollars in one go or it can be a nightmare to them to collect a lot of cash from the casinos and spend a whole night in counting it. In the same place, if a customer wants to make a bet of thousands of dollars in one go then he has to just one or two chips on the table instead of putting the bundle of notes. It will be more convenient for the gambler and for the casino.


This point is majorly applied for the casinos that use RFID chips. This process has not been applied to all the casinos still the industry is growing on their way. RFID chips also help the casinos to store the whole data for the casinos. The number of chips and the amount those chips represent all can be identified with the RFID method.

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