Slot online -Artificial intelligence and machine learning pinpoint the audience

Slot online -Artificial intelligence and machine learning pinpoint the audience

More children are growing habit of gambling due to constantly online casino ads. Current restrictions will not change the scenario in the near future. In April 2019, a study conducted in the UK found some tainted gambling brands are targeting less than eighteen audiences through online advertisement. It was found around 12% of children between the ages of eleven to sixteen gambled with their pocket money, as published in a survey conducted by the Gambling Commission in 2017. In this panorama Advertising Standards, Authority (ASA) of UK amended the online gambling advertisement policy. It specified online gambling advertisements should not be targeted to minors and must not become visible on websites with high children footfall. But little evidence shows the exposure of gambling to children has been reduced.

User`s profile shows gambling habits

 Online advertisement on slot online or other casino games through social media or SEO is targeted to an audience based on digital profile, shaped by previous browsing history and consumption. Artificial intelligence and machine learning pinpoint the audience for a specific advertisement, while an offline ad is meant for the masses. The placement and process of online advertisement is strictly related to probability and microeconomics, with little regard for ethical or legal standards.

Suppose a user`s profile shows gambling habits, unemployment, low socio-economic standard, debt issue, and previous problem gambling history. In that case, they are more likely to see gambling ads on the non-gambling website. Gambling websites gather information from their parties about people who visit online gambling sites and buy lottery tickets with low income tilted to win big prize money. As the process is automated, ethical and social responsibility is completely disregarded.

Social media is becoming a popular platform for peer-to-peer marketing between users, wiping out the boundary of commercial marketing and user-generated content. If a social media user proclaims he won a jackpot, it remains ambiguous if there is a financial reward behind the announcement. The line between advert and word of mouth is thinning down. To resolve these issues, certain guidelines are coming up. It is mandatory to disclose any financial reward, free gifts, or other perks behind the post in the UK. But the law is more on paper, as there is no penalty for breaching the regulation.

Social media must formulate a stringent rule for users, forcing them to reveal any business relationship with gambling entities. Social media should start monitoring undisclosed advertisements. The phrase “gamble responsibly” is always there in online gambling advertisements. One must exercise control and use informed options to gamble within reasonable resources and time. Gambling should not take a niche of other social activities and responsibilities.

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Author: Ezra