The Best Line of Winning in Poker

The Best Line of Winning in Poker

Once your account is created, you still have to be able to bet and you will have a hard time pretending that you are watching the news or that you are working on an urgent matter if you are on the Predictions page for the Champions League.

The most effective method: surf at night, when your other half is in the arms of Morpheus. You will be able to do live-betting on matches taking place in the United States, thanks to the time difference: the value bets on the NBA are yours.

If you need to sleep more than 5 hours a night, this solution is not ideal however. In this case, prefer another method:

The Right Moment

Organize yourself moments of play with poker online  alibis of the type “I have an important meeting next Monday at the office, I am going to stay late” or “tomorrow evening, I pass by my friend José, he is not well at the moment, he lost a lot of money in poker ”.

And above all, if you play from your home, don’t forget to erase all traces of navigation, in your browser options, choose “history”, then delete it. You can also opt for private browsing, which leaves no trace, or play from a mobile application, if your spouse does not dig into your smartphone.

In November 2011, the budget ministry declared that people living on the famous card game are taxable. However, French poker legislation has some gray areas. The very definition of gambling is not clearly established: is it a game of chance or of skill? Giving a precise definition is essential since this would allow us to decide:

  • Chance: winnings are not taxable, just like those from horse betting, lotto etc.
  • Address: earnings are taxable because they result from a professional activity

The claims

To explain it very briefly, the world of poker calls for a professionalization of the sector without wanting to suffer the disadvantages. How then could we define a professional status? Can we rely on the status of bridge players who are only taxable on their non-commercial profits?

Some would like to establish a professionalization of this game to legitimize the status of Pro Teams like that of Everest and give reason to the many  strategy books . While others would prefer it to remain a game of chance so as not to know any taxation on their jackpots.

Assuming a tax on income necessarily induces a regular and effective maintenance of accounts, which is far from the case.


Another problem remains the fact that the tax administration does not have extensive knowledge of the card game world. It does not take into account in its calculations participation costs such as the amount of buy-ins and hotel reservations in particular.The great fear of the players lies in the fact that they fear excessive  or poorly applied taxation which undermines the sector.

Author: Ezra