There are people who are curious about knowing about online casinos. Some people learn about it from the internet, while others seek tips and advice from people they know who have experience with online casinos.Today let’s get to know, in brief, about online casinos wiki. Thishas to offer people to help them learn about online casinos.

Various features of online casinos:

  • Insurance or cash backs:

In the form of shares, players will be provided with insurance bonuses or cashback for all the loss that he dealt with last time. You’ll also find websites that supply casino cashback payments to support your losses encountered while twiddling with one or more online casinos. Usually casino portals is the place where those cashbacks are sent to player that contains all the offers.

  • Referral structure:

Bonuses for the referee and bonus for the referrer are two different types. Once the person have registered an associate account in the casino with mentioning their referrer, they will be provided with a bonus for 1 time. As soon as the referee will have finished all the requirements, for like, making deposit and waging it for some times, the referrer will receive their bonus.

  • Comp points:

Comps are usually offered at land-based casinos, but they also exist online. Points of the comp will be changed in the place of cash, rewards or any other comps. The total wager provided is very little and fluctuates with the different game choices. On every $10 wagered on slots, casino can give 3 comp points and it can give 1 comp point for every $10 that will be wagered on blackjack. By returning 0.3% and 0.1% of the wagers on slots and blackjack respectively, this instance can be appreciated. Also, online casinos are eligible to provide comps like tickets that are free of any cost for tournaments (online), slot online tickets which are free too, various special events tickets also free, more bonuses, paybacks and souvenirs.

  • No deposit:

The best bonus is one in which players can reap benefits of without facing any need to deposit cash form their pockets. This is known as “no deposit bonus. These bonus are later on utilized in the form of acquisition tools from the casinos if they are willing to draw in fresh players.

  • Welcome bonus:

This one can match with a deposit match bonus on the main deposit to be made ever inside the casino. These bonuses are mostly available in clusters and shall lean towards the matching of primary 2 or primary 3 deposits. The casino may additionally supply welcome bonuses for prime rollers who build an associate’s degree initial deposit on top of the quality quantity limit.


There are many factors and points that can describe the meaning of online casinos to people who are interested in knowing how things work in online casinos. Some of the highlights of what the online casino wiki has to offer are listed above.